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Day 9- Prayer & Fasting

Giving honor and glory to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Through Him all good things come and all good things are.

As we who choose to embark on this 21 Day journey, I want to remind you that you are blessed.

Day 9 is HERE!

Remember Prayer and Purpose!

The purpose of fasting in prayer is for God to reveal the purpose He has for us individually and collectively.

Fasting, as Min Jason taught, gives us a better view of the purpose God has in front of us.

Be encouraged! There is NO failure when we follow God.

If you have stopped before the end of the 21 day, your view is already better than it was when you first started -- your view has changed drastically.

And for those who forge ahead, Hallelujah! You will see the purpose fully:

My prayer is that we all have a clear understanding of what God has ordained..... His glorious return!

~ Fidel


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