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At the Life Center, we understand.  Everybody needs deliverance.  Do you suffer from depression, night terrors, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, addiction to anything, rage, or do you thing someone has put a hex or curse on you?  Do you feel like your house or apartment is haunted?  Have you experienced trauma and you need soul cleansing?  Are you a cutter?  Do you want to follow Jesus but something just always gets in the way?  Come and check us out, get rid of those unclean spirits and let us walk with you as we walk with Christ Who came to set us free!  We are here for you.

Shoot an email, call the number, download and fill the deliverance form.  You can also stop at the church and grab a form.  It's a little long, but the more we know about you the better.  We will set up a time to get you freedom! 

In the Mighty Name of Jesus!

Deliverance Form

Phone:  (410) 403-9116

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