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Summer Revival 2022

Summer Revival which took place August 14th thru the 21st was an opportunity to get closer to our LORD. We never know what to expect each time we gather. I always pray that God will have His way in our services and that the Holy Spirit will move. I want to always experience my Father deeper. So, whenever we have revivals I expect to receive a word from God that will change me and my relationship with Him forever!

I was so pleasantly surprised to see long time friends/family in the Lord who visited with us!

Sis. Cookie and I
Bro Ed and Sis Cookie visited us from Texas

We heard the word come forth from wonderful servants of God. Every word that was given was something that I needed to move forward! I thank God. I thank God my grandson who is 10 years old got to hear Bro. Charles, the 7 year old who preached! I want my grandchildren to know they are not too young to know God and not too young to be used by God! I want young people to know that God doesn't look at the age, He looks at the heart. I want them to desire to know God and to serve Him. And, they don't have to wait until they are "old". Serve the Lord while it is day! -- while you are young and have the energy. At night, you are likely to slow down.

Revivals can change lives especially when you make yourself available every day to hear the word. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. The scripture says, how can they hear without a preacher! I know, for me, faith comes from the preacher that gives the word that confirms what I received from God in my study time with Him. It is amazing and it causes me to love Him even more! And, I can't wait to hear from Him again and then get the confirmation from a Word spoken or song sung. Thank you, Lord!!

I saw a young man change and get closer to the Lord through the revival! It is with great joy to see others get a revelation of who God is and who God is to them! Bro. Jarod and a visitor (who is deaf and who just came during the revival for the first time) decided to allow us to share in their decision to "marry" God! I always say the baptism is like a wedding -- a ceremony to share with others your inward decision to no longer be the one you were before; but, to be joined with the Christ to become one! A symbolism of us being buried with Christ and alive to new life! We are no longer one but we are saying the two has become one. That's how I see baptism. Praise God for an amazing day to be a witness at such an event! Two were buried and rose to new life through this revival! And all who witnessed rejoiced!!! What was your experience this Summer Revival?


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