Prayer over the Church and our families

We come boldly before your throne of Grace according to Heb. 4:16 in the name of Jesus Christ the name above every name, the Lord of lords, and the Almighty God, the only true and living God.

We effect and enforce God's original plan and purpose for each saint of God and for this Church. Every territory lost will be restored and replenished. New territories and purposes will be established. We decree and declare that the battle is not ours, but the Lord's according to 2Chron. 20:15. We put on the whole Amour of God according to Eph. 6: 13-17 and the weapons of our Warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God. We choose to have the mind of Christ, 1Corin 2:16, this day. We choose life (Deut 30:19), as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.(Josh 24:15).

We pull down all strongholds and demonic spirits that hold captive our thoughts and minds. Every diabolical plan of the enemy is null and void. Their plans will be exposed and destroyed with the arrows of the Lord. They will be crushed, destroyed and obliterated from this church and the families of the saints of God in Christ.

We declare that the Holy Ghost and Christ's anointing to have free reign and to accomplish His plan and purpose. We command doubt, and unbelief, lying spirits, false religious spirits, manipulative spirits, spirits of the anti-Christ, deceiving spirits, perverted spirits, and lying wonders to be dismantled and sent back to it's sender.

We call forth divine appointments, and God encounters. Let everyone experience the Glory of God and not leave this place the same. We declare that the Spirit of The Lord is upon us and we will excel in wisdom, knowledge, revelation and understanding to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We declare divine favor, prosperity and no lack of finances as our soul prospers we will prosper in health and finances to further the Kingdom of God. We plead the Blood over the youth and young children of our church and our families to protect them from lying spirits and witchcraft mind controlling spirits, that want to capture their souls.

We plead the Blood and the Power in the Name of Jesus Christ over this prayer and no enemy will bind or stop the effectiveness of this prayer. In Jesus name, AMEN


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