Mothers! You are Called to the High-calling!

This virtuous woman that the women of the Church are looking to for encouragement, for an example, as a role model...... WOW...... she is extra special.

In Exodus 2:2-5 we see Jochebed, Moses' Mother, protect her infant son as long as she could from danger. And then she gave him up to trust the Almighty God to protect and provide for him. Moses grew up in the household of Pharaoh where he received an education and was fed and protected.

The second phase of Moses life was forty years on the backside of the desert, tending sheep, there he learned to care for the sheep of God's flock.

Jochebed placed him unselfishly in God's hands.

A virtuous woman strong in faith, in courage! Able to see a plan and allow it to happen God's way.  

In 1 Samuel 1:24  we see courageous, obedient, loving, and unselfish Hannah, do the same thing for her only child Samuel. She gave him to God to live and grow in the Tabernacle in training for the priesthood. 

In 2Timothy 1:6 we learn that Paul's young Timothy has a gift of unfeigned faith imparted to Timothy by his Grandmother Lois, and his Mother Eunice. Faith to be faithful in trials and persecutions, in hard times and through hardships.

Mothers are unique and Special!

You are called to the high-calling of being a MOTHER! 

You are a teacher, a nurse, a chef, a cheerleader, chauffeur, coach, you are brave,  you are crafty, you are loving and kind, the most beautiful Mom in the world. 

Happy Mothers' Day!!!!!

by Pastor Shirley Metzler


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