How are you Spending this time in “Quarantine”?

This is, definitely, a time given to do “inventory”. How well do you “manage inventory”? Managing inventory is the “supervision of non-capitalized assets, or inventory, and stock items.

In business non-capitalized assets or inventory is the stuff you have that is valuable. If you can sell it and make a profit it is valuable.

What kinds of stuff are valuable to you? Food, shelter, ………family?..........time?

I asked a few people one weekday, how was your weekend? One person told me basically there’s nothing eventful since nothing’s open and you can’t go anywhere anyway. Another person told me he decided to take this time to work on things around the house – projects that needed to be done and he just didn’t have the “time” before. I thought then – yes! This is a good time to do the things I didn’t have time to do. Instead of looking at this "stay-at-home" time as a negative, capitalize on it!

You have more time to read......

To learn a new skill.

To improve yourself

So, look at what you have; really look at yourself. Take inventory of what is valuable and make the most of this time in managing that which is you can't get back --- time.

What does some things look like when this is over? What do you look like when this is over?

You now have time to read the bible in its entirety. And, best of all you don’t have to spend money to do it!

You now have time to organize the spaces you occupy – it can be the rooms you live in or your mind.

Time to de-clutter.

Time to seize the moment! Don't lose this time.


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