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Break Free Financially!

Updated: Aug 1

Thank you for joining me for the Break Free Financially series this month. God has allowed me to learn about finances according to the world and according to His Kingdom. Kingdom is God's way of doing things. I studied finances in this world for about 6 years - taxes, budgeting, some investing, -- how money works. Then God led me to learn His way of handling money.

One morning while spending time with God, He shared with me that the devil has deceived many people, even God's people, to believe that if you follow God you should not desire good things. Deception - if you have a lot of money or valuable things then you must NOT be a follower of God - you must be materialistic and you are following the devil.

I heard in my spirit, "Who made the gold, the silver and every kind of gem?" I answered, You did, Lord. I was in awe right at that time! Yes, God made everything; so, why is the devil getting praise for what God has done? Why did we allow the devil to stop us from talking about or dealing with finances -- something that is God's? If we belong to God, all that He has belongs to us! Even the gold, the silver and every kind of gem belongs to us! That makes the devil mad!

Scripture: Psalms 89:11 Amp - "The heavens are Yours, the earth also is Yours; the world and all that is in it, You have founded them."

God made everything and everything belongs to Him!


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