A Fast the first night of Passover

What does Passover mean? Especially this year, during this time, for us who are grafted in.

I read this morning about this most sacred celebration by the Jewish people and this year when many people will be alone or with their immediate families because of the quarantine orders. The writer of the article reminded the people of the time when Passover was first observed. They were not in large gatherings. They had to stay shut up in their homes with the blood of the lamb over their door posts so that death would “pass over”. The writer mentioned that if you are alone this year, you are not alone. There are questions a child would ask the parent; one is “why is this night different from any other night?”. The parent would answer the child – one thing they would say “We were slaves to Pharaoh in Egypt and the Lord our God took us out from there with a strong hand and with an outstretched arm.” The writer says if you are alone, you be the child and you answer yourself. Or, you are the child and God is the Father.

This is a time of reflection of what God has done. This is the time to really give your whole heart and mind to Him – not just your spirit. Maybe we are to get back to the origin – really think on and thank Him for what He has done. First, He has rescued you. You know what you went through and what you have done because of sin. And, He has truly forgiven you. He has saved you! He has brought you out!

Let’s start Wednesday at sundown (7:45PM) and shut off all social media, no tv especially the news, no cell phones (games or talking socially); sit with those in your home – the whole household, who are under one roof -- talk of what God has done read scriptures. Read Exodus chapters 7 through 11 or read from the English Haggadah Text (which tells the account) And, bless Him, praise Him! In the English Haggadah Text (the script and instructions for Passover) it reads:

Thus it is our duty to thank, to laud, to praise, to glorify, to exalt, to adore, to bless, to elevate and to honor the One who did all these miracles for our fathers and for us. He took us from slavery to freedom, from sorrow to joy, and from mourning to festivity, and from deep darkness to great light and from bondage to redemption. Let us therefore recite before Him Halleluyah, Praise G‑d!”

When we are so busy and have other things on our minds, our praise can become ritualistic and empty. Let’s really think and talk out loud of what He has done and praise Him!

Take this time of “quarantine” to really be closer to the LORD.

So, from sundown, 7:45PM, Wednesday through Thursday, sundown – 7:45PM let us turn off the world (separate from the world) and really spend time with Him. Therefore, this is not a fasting from food – but don’t make eating much thought. “Don’t think about what you will eat. Your Father knows you have need of these things.” If you have leftovers, or bread and water that would be just fine. This is a time of humility and a time of reflection.

This is a time to appreciate God. We have had so much more “appreciation for work and systems – our church services, our everyday living, our routines – than we have had for God and His presence and His power. We have organized God out of our work. (interpreted from an excerpt taken from a letter written by John G. Lake. John Lake allowed God to work through him in healing and teaching healing. It was written he would minister to almost 200 sick people a day because word got out that people were healed. In Spokane, Washington, alone, it was documented and recorded that there were 100,000 healings within 5 years)

"This time next year ............!



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