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Summer reading program

During the months of July and August read the Bible stories and be rewarded. 

For children 2 years thru 11 years old:

Download the reading calendar and color the picture for the day you read.  The goal is to read the Bible stories.  If your child needs a children's bible, we can provide one. 

For pre teens (12 yrs) thru teens (19):

Download your reading plan and check off each day completed. When you read, have a notebook and write notes for each day you read. Include in your notes how what you have read relates to you or someone you know.

Bring your calendar or reading plan each Sunday and choose a reward!


Hey Kingdom Cubs! Get rewards for reading!  Make sure to color in the picture on the day you read or someone read to you from the Bible.  Make sure you have the My First Bible or a children's Bible.  Download your calendar and get started!  Have an adult or older sibling help you if you need!

For those cubs who are roaring stronger - ages 8 thru 12 - read from your bible the story of King David or Queen Esther for the month of August! 

Reading Together
Bible Study Group

Teen Reading

If you are between the ages of 13 and 19 years old, you can participate in the Summer Bible Reading Program also!  Just download your calendar, read the scriptures printed on the day and write a phrase or two things that stood out to you most!

Turn in your calendar for a prize!

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