That is exactly what we are -- a family!  A family brought together from different walks of life and held together by love and the Truth of our Lord Jesus Christ.


CLJC has been committed to preaching the Apostolic doctrine in the Glen Burnie community and serving God's people with love for over 50 years.


Join us, experience the love of Jesus Christ and be a part of the family - the family of God! 


Jesus is in love with you and wants to transform your life.

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Born and raised in the Pentecostal church, Pastor Shirley Metzler is passionate about the Truth of our Lord Jesus Christ and being instrumental in making sure the Truth is told.  She pastors  and leads the church with the spiritual headship of her husband, Elder William H. Metzler, and the covering of the Holy Spirit.   Pastor Metzler leads the flock of the Lord Jesus Christ with love, care, and discipline through the Word of God!


Shirley Metzler has been preaching and teaching the Word of God as an ordained preacher since 1995.  She has been pastoring since December 2001.  Her prayer is that the church -- the body of Jesus Christ -- grows spiritually, walking and thriving in the Truth and filled with the Holy Spirit.

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